SuppleMEMWe are excited to announce a new partnership with NooMeds, LLC, a company focused on the development of dietary supplements for memory health.  NooMeds has developed a new product containing the exact same formula shown to be effective in animal models of Alzheimer’s disease (see  Even more exciting, NooMeds will be donating 25% of net proceeds to the Auguste Deter Foundation!!  Now you can do something about your memory and help fund Alzheimer’s research.

SuppleMEM™ AD can be purchased here:

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The Auguste Deter Foundation is an emerging nonprofit charitable foundation focused on the singular purpose of doing all we can NOW to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. If you are concerned about the disease and want to take action, right now, our organization is designed to help. We are currently in the formative phase, and are seeking talented and passionate individuals who would like to join us in our cause.


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