Together, we really can Prevent Alzheimer’s Now!TM

The AD Foundation is all about the science of preventing Alzheimer’s disease (AD). We were founded by AD researchers. We are run by AD researchers. And we raise funds to support AD research. The AD Foundation is here to help you by translating the latest scientific advances into concrete, actionable recommendations—specific things you can do today to prevent this terrible disease tomorrow. Together, we really can Prevent Alzheimer’s Now!™




SuppleMEM™ AD

Worry about your memory? Take action NOW! Introducing SuppleMEM™ AD, an exciting new memory health aid that contains the same formula shown to prevent Alzheimer’s disease (AD) symptoms in scientific studies on animal models. This medical food cocktail is one of our Top Tips for Alzheimer’s Prevention. Even more exciting, 25% of net proceeds will be donated to the AD Foundation! Now you can do something about your memory and help fund Alzheimer’s research.

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