Top Tips for Alzheimer’s Prevention

The AD Foundation was created with a singular mission: to Prevent Alzheimer’s NOW!™ Scientific research has taught us that Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is not an inevitable consequence of aging. AD is a disease—one that really can be prevented by following a few simple suggestions. The most important thing is to take action NOW!

By mid-century, someone in the US will develop AD every 33 seconds…
…unless we take action NOW!

Scroll down to view our Top Tips for Alzheimer’s Prevention, sorted into four categories. These recommendations are the culmination of extensive research by our Scientific Advisory Board, which includes numerous neuroscientists actively engaged in AD research. By following a just few simple steps, it really is possible to Prevent Alzheimer’s NOW!™






Each of the recommendations above was hand selected for maximum impact and ease of implementation. However, research has shown they are far more powerful when combined together in a comprehensive program. Please check out our Action Plan for Alzheimer’s Prevention and learn how to assemble the strongest possible defense against this terrible disease.

To defeat Alzheimer’s we need to work together, and we invite you to become actively involved. There are many ways you can participate. Create a memorial for a loved one affected by AD through our MemoriALZProgram. Check out our Adopt a Scientist™ Program, a unique way to support cutting-edge scientific research and actually follow the progress of a real scientist. You can also support our mission by making a tax-deductible donation. The fight against AD requires collective action, so let’s join forces and Prevent Alzheimer’s NOW!™

A.L.Z. Defense™

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