Dietary Supplements

Dietary Supplements

Supplement Your Mind

Today, we have access to a dizzying array of dietary supplements, each claiming to be the key to improved health. Some have proven medicinal value. A few are potentially harmful. Most are simply worthless (like Prevagen, the “active” ingredient of which is a protein that is immediately destroyed in the stomach). The sheer volume of often contradictory information makes it extremely difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. The job of the AD Foundation is to do this for you. Here are the top dietary supplements we recommend specifically for Alzheimer’s prevention.

“You know what they call alternative medicine that’s been proven to work? Medicine.”

– Tim Minchin

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Our Top Dietary Supplement Tips

Medical Food Cocktail

One of the best ways to prevent Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is with a cocktail. A specific cocktail, in fact. Hang on! Don’t rush off to the liquor cabinet thinking you’re going to drink your way to AD prevention! The word “cocktail” is really just a generic term for a...

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Huperzine A

Huperzine A If you know about Alzheimer’s disease (AD), chances are you’ve heard about Aricept. Aricept is one of the few drugs approved for the treatment of AD, and it is generally the first drug prescribed after a patient is diagnosed with the disease. But did you...

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Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Can fat be good for the brain? Well, fat comes in many shapes and many types, and there is emerging evidence that several specific kinds of fat are indeed beneficial to brain health and mental functioning. Generally speaking, fat—or more correctly fats—consist of...

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Speaking of dietary supplements…

Worry about your memory? Take action NOW! Introducing SuppleMEM™ AD, an exciting new memory health aid that contains the same formula shown to prevent Alzheimer’s disease (AD) symptoms in scientific studies on animal models. This medical food cocktail is one of our Top Tips for Alzheimer’s Prevention. Even more exciting, 25% of net proceeds will be donated to the AD Foundation! Now you can do something about your memory and help fund Alzheimer’s research.

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